Getting to the heart of addiction therapy.

This is a theme close to my heart. I have my own experience of going through addiction treatment, being in recovery from an addiction, experiencing addiction support groups and working as a psychotherapist in residential rehab clinics in West London. There is a lot I like about this way of working. In particular it provides a formidable sense of community and hope and it can really motivate some individuals to change their behaviours and embrace a new way of life. The old 12 step wisdom of people laughing in recognition when they talk of 'their addict head' saying or doing this or that, is actually a brilliant way to externalise the addictive part and to start to relate to it from a more cur

Dissociated: The Play

A new musical play called Dissociated opening on 15th October in London about recovering from trauma and dissociation.

Dissociation: the Ultimate Superpower?

Imagine being able to take out anything that was unbearable and overwhelming from your experience and life. Imagine being able to reduce the intensity of negative emotions or traumatic memories or simply being able to find a way to remove yourself from a situation, in your own mind, when physical escape is not possible. This, in my experience, is what dissociation is. An awesome case of our psyche protecting us from experiences that were too much for us to metabolise. Another useful description I have found is that of disconnection from oneself and the world around us. Elements that would normally be connected like thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories and beliefs become disconnected and

Some things to consider when looking for psychotherapy in London.

(Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash) I don't know what you think, but finding the right therapist as a client seems to me like quite a difficult choice to make. There are so many different psychotherapy services in London, so many different kinds of therapy and so much difference in each therapist's individual style. Here are a few points that I wish I had known in the past. What do you need from them? This would be the first point. Do you have any specific requirements. Is the gender identity of the therapist important? Do you have any preferences in terms of location, time of day, what fee range would be affordable for you? More broadly what kind of therapist do you feel you might like? Som