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Salvo La Rosa Psychotherapy EMDR Online

My name is Salvo and I am a qualified integrative psychotherapist, having completed a five year training journey at the CCPE.


I have eight years' experience of working with clients, since starting my training. This was in private practice for six years and also through clinical placements at Mind, the Caravan Drop-in Counselling centre and ELOP and through my previous employment working in residential rehabs for addiction in West London, in social care doing drop-in sessions for vulnerable people and working with survivors of domestic abuse. Four of these years of experience have been post qualification.

Prior to this I was working in the advertising media industry for some years. I am an English and Italian speaking therapist and work in a LGBTQ+ and diversity affirmative way with people from different backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identity and people that are autistic or generally neurodivergent. I offer psychotherapy services in London and Online.

Trauma, neurodiversity and addictions are a big area of interest of mine, together with incorporating mindfulness, body work and creative methods in the work, when I feel this might be useful to you. I provide trauma therapy for complex trauma using EMDR together with an integrative transpersonal model. I am currently training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and I am on the second year of a three year training for this.

I find that a playful spirit and a little bit of humour sometimes helps us to navigate through our own moments of darkness.

It is in those very moments of crisis that at times there is an opportunity to change our lives and for something new to take form. This was the case for me when I decided to change my circumstances and started training.

If you are in one of those moments in your life right now, it would be an honour for me to hold the hope for you that change is possible and to accompany you for some of your journey.


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