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Privacy Policy

One of the things that helps to make psychotherapy effective is that it offers you a confidential and private space within which you can gradually unfold and explore your life, challenges, dreams and potential. I seek to create and maintain a safe private space for this to occur. Our conversations are private. The GDPR seeks to protect your privacy in respect of data held on you and in particular sensitive data. I have thought carefully about your privacy, and designed systems which seek to support that ethos. The GDPR asks for specific consent to be given for data to be processed, and so I am asking you to sign to confirm that consent. 

What records do I keep and how are they kept?

If you use the Contact page on this website, I keep all the information about you that you include in your message on my work email and website hosting platform. I maintain a secure password for my email and use added security of requiring a pin or fingerprint for accessing these emails or web host messages from my mobile phone.


If we start working together for therapy, I will keep some brief notes of our sessions, to act as an aide memoire as our work together progresses. These notes are kept in electronic format on a Cloud storage service for which I maintain a secure password. Notes of our sessions are anonymised and kept in files identified only with your initials. I keep some old notebooks in a locked drawer at my home office.


I keep your contact details on my work phone and on my computer. These contact details are shared between my devices using a cloud storage service for which I maintain a secure password. Documents contain personal details are also password protected. I use this information to contact you, and I will not pass this information on to anyone else. I do not use your contact details for marketing purposes. 


I securely and confidently dispose of all data kept about you including all notes seven years after the end of therapy

Analytics and advertising

I use cookies to analyse users' activity on the site with the purpose of improving the site and my offering. I also use some advertising features to be able to reach users who visit the site at a later date whilst they visit other websites online. I use these advertising features sparingly for marketing purposes and don't share these with third parties.

In particular, I use the Facebook pixel to keep track of visitors on my page and occasionally use this for the purpose of advertising and retargeting through targeted ads. You can view Facebook's privacy policy here and opt out of Facebook custom audiences by following this link.


I also use Google Analytics on this website and I am currently trialling the Google Advertising Features. I am scoping the use of the Google advertising cookies for the purpose of my own research on this website's audience, including demographics and interests, for the purpose of advertising using re-targeting of some website visitors online with selected ads promoting my services. If you would like to opt out of this feature you can follow this link.


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