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In my London practice I work in a LGBTQ+ and diversity affirming way with people from different cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and sexualities.

Given the all too common experience of being discriminated and judged for being different that people that are LGBT or from a minority group have, when looking for a therapist, many people, quite rightly, find it important to make sure their therapist would provide a safe place where they might feel understood and not judged for their points of difference.

It is for this reason that I work in a way that is supportive and affirming of all differences and diversity, recognising the common human experience we all share but also celebrating each individual's identity.

In my experience as a therapist who has worked in LGBTQ+ charities in London, some of the symptoms of growing up in an unfavourable and sometimes hostile or stigmatising environment, can show up in the form of symptoms and difficulties later in life.

These can range from difficulties in relationships, to feelings of isolation and of always being an outsider, always feeling judged and misunderstood, intense feelings of shame and not being good enough, feelings of anger and anxiety, problems with an over-reliance on drugs and alcohol or chemsex and also dealing with the impact of the earlier and later HIV epidemic.

Many people I have met have managed to develop strengths out of the hardships of the experience of marginalisation and have channelled this drive to excel into their work and private life. At other times the unhealed wounds of the past might resurface in times of crisis such as a conflict at work or a breakup.

If you find yourself in one of those times when things feel hard, there is no shame in trying to talk to a supportive therapist to help make sense of the situation and support the parts of you that need healing.

If you are looking for an LGBT affirmative therapist in London, you would be most welcome to get in touch.

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