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Psychological therapy with adaptations for neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term to refer to people who have neurological differences such as autistic people, people with ADHD, dyslexia and other conditions. There are a variety of different brains, so to speak, and this variety comes with challenges but also strengths.

As a late diagnosed neurodivergent person and therapist, I feel passionate about providing a safe space for other autistic people, neurodiverse people and people who identify as having some traits of neurodiversity, to work on their strengths, find new strategies for daily living and to help them be more authentically themselves.

Growing up in a neurotypical world where one's way of being or coping mechanisms are repeatedly judged as wrong can be traumatizing and can lead to a pervasive feeling of 'something being wrong' in oneself.

Having to mask all the time to appear 'normal' or to always fit in can cause high levels of anxiety and it's not uncommon for neurodiverse people to turn to alcohol, substances or other self soothing behaviors, to try and cope with a chronically high level of stress from sensory sensitivities and executive functioning problems.

I work in a collaborative way and would be open to the possibility of making adaptations to the way we work to accommodate the person’s needs and to find together what works best for them.

Although diagnosis would be outside the scope of my practice, I could provide some screening questionnaires for ASD or ADHD and signpost you to other colleagues who could assist with a formal diagnosis, if needed.

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